How To use Your VitaVault

Easy Operation Instructions

    1. Open top lid to view all of the compartments
    2. Fill each of the six compartments with your choice of vitamins or supplements.
    3. To retrieve your vitamins/supplements, lift the lower lid and remove your needs from each compartment.
    4. Enclosed are pre-printed labels for you to customize your VitaVault. Use a pen or pencil and write in your selections, then remove the backing and apply to the bottom of the unit as shown.
    5. Place the unit on a shelf, counter top or in a medicine cabinet.
    6. You may also double the compartment spaces by simply stacking two units togethers.

VitaVault Features


VitaVault Features

Other VitaVault products


The Fastener Finder helps to organize and keep track of you miscellaneous nuts and bolts, or anything that needs organization. This beautifully made organizer is made from a single mold of durable plastic. With its 6 segmented compartments it keeps nuts and bolts from mixing so you don’t have to dig for the right size. With a cutaway bottom its perfect to stack one on top of the other.

1.Its size 9"x 2.625" x 5" is compact enough for even small places

2.Fills from the top for easy loading

3.Makes storage hassle free

4.Great for the garage or any kind of workspace.

Made specifically for the Vita Vault. This Vita Vault funnel is easy to use, the form fitted design helps to prevent the mixing of the different vitamins. Reinforced for added durability this makes the perfect funnel for your Vita Vault.

1.The VitaVault funnel is made from food grade plastic

2.It's small size (3" x 2.5" x 1.5") makes for easy storage

3.Hand wash with warm water, not recommended for the dishwasher.