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Use it Once, Use it Always!

VitaVault is manufactured in the USA by Group Medical Supply. VitaVault is a better way to store vitamins and supplements!

Features of the Vitavault Vitamin Dispenser:


The VitaVault is a molded plastic vitamin dispenser, made in the USA, that holds up to sixty days of large vitamins that can be dispensed through any one of six easy to access compartments. Clear front panels make the vitamins / supplements easy to identify by the consumer. It is easy to load by simply pouring the selected vitamin / supplement into the easy accessible compartments.

Bill Waring and his wife were having a problem organizing and storing their vitamin supplements. You know the drill; hard to open pill bottles, spilling them everywhere, getting the right ones back into the proper bottle.

Bill, having a creative, inventive nature, decided to come up with an idea that would alleviate this problem. He called his solution VitaVault.